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Product Description

“TEXMO” 6″ STAINLESS STEEL SUBMERSIBLE PUMPSETS  are easy  to install, noise free,  efficient  and  require minimum maintenance.  A wide range of pumps are available to meet diverse operating requirements. Motors are water lubricated and feature robust thrust bearings. Good quality materials are used to obtain a reliable life and provide  maintenance free service.

Product Data


Bore size min. 6”and above
Power Range 2.0 to 30.0 HP
Voltage Range 340V- 440V, AC Three phase , 50Hz
Voltage Range 180V – 240V, AC Single phase , 50Hz (Upto 7.5 HP)
Speed 2900 RPM
Motor Type Water filled and water cooled Induction motor
Coupling Key ( Upto 25 HP) / NEMA
Head Maximum 500 M
Discharge Maximum 600 LPM
No of Stages Maximum 60
Liquid temperature Maximum 33ºC
Operating Pressure 50 bar
Sand content in water 50 PPM Max.
Pump Models SRS/SMS
Motor Models ST/NST/EMS/EMS*


  • Water extraction from bores of diameter 6″ (150mm) and above
  • Irrigation systems for Agriculture including Drip and Sprinkler systems.
  • Pressure boosting applications
  • Domestic water supply to large residences and multi storied apartments
  • Water supply to commercial establishments like Hotels, Lodges and Hospitals
  • Dewatering of mines
  • Industrial water supply


  • Energy efficient motor 
  • Usage of Low watt In-house Manufactured Stampings
  • Low operating cost (Low Power Consumption)
  • Water lubricated motor with easily rewindable stator
  • Energy Efficient Radial and mixed flow models
  • Rubber diaphragm provided at the bottom of the motor to compensate thermal   expansion of water
  • Wide voltage operation to suit all seasons
  • Low, Medium, High Voltage operation Motors to suit particular field condition
  • Pumpsets with special materials are available on request

Materials of construction


Stator Shell Stainless steel
Thrust Bearing Carbon with stainless steel segments
Journal Bearings Phosphor Bronze/ Carbon
Diaphragm Nitrile Rubber
Shaft Carbon steel with SS extension
Strainers Stainless steel


Pump shaft Stainless steel
Valve casing Stainless steel
Inlet bracket Stainless steel
Diffuser housing Stainless steel
Diffuser  Stainless steel
Bowl Stainless steel
Impeller Stainless steel

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