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Wastewater management is a critical aspect of various industries, municipalities, and commercial facilities. Selecting the correct wastewater pump is important for efficient and reliable operations. In this article, we'll delve into the factors to consider while choosing the right wastewater pump types, providing practical insights and valuable information to ensure that your system functions optimally.

AQUAGROUP takes pride in maintaining strict quality control, manufacturing its own castings, motor laminations, and copper winding wire. This meticulous approach ensures that their products not only meet but exceed performance expectations, delivering trouble-free operation even in the most challenging conditions. The extensive product range is showcased under the trusted brands Texmo and Aquatex, available and serviced through a wide network of over 1300 exclusive dealers nationwide. As AQUAGROUP continues to evolve, the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction remains at the core of its business philosophy.

AQUA GROUP: Harnessing Decades of Pump Manufacturing Experience

Information about AQUA GROUP and their pumps.

With extensive decades-long expertise and experience in pump manufacturing, AQUA GROUP proudly presents a comprehensive lineup of wastewater pumps meticulously tailored to diverse applications. Our AQUATEX-branded pumps are meticulously crafted to deliver efficient and dependable performance while meeting the rigorous demands of wastewater management, sewage treatment, and industrial processes. From submersible pumps designed for sewage handling to centrifugal pumps optimized for municipal wastewater treatment, AQUA GROUP'S solutions are globally trusted by industry professionals for their unparalleled quality and enduring durability.

With AQUA GROUP'S service support, you can rest assured that your investment in AQUATEX technology is backed by dedicated professionals who prioritize your satisfaction. Experience peace of mind knowing that AQUA GROUP is here to support you every step of the way, delivering unparalleled reliability and performance for all your water management needs.

Exploring Wastewater Pump Options

Ideal for: Sewage pits, and sump applications.


  • Submerged operation reduces noise levels.
  • No priming required.
  • Capable of handling solids and fibrous materials.


  • Proper motor cooling mechanisms.
  • Ensure proper sealing.

Understanding Wastewater Pumping Needs

  • Domestic Sewage
  • Industrial Effluent
  • Stormwater Runoff
  • Flow Rate and Head