It’s been the market leader for decades. It’s trusted across India and the world. With more than 2500 pumps manufactured per day, meet India’s number one pump manufacturer, Aqua Group – the makers of India’s most reliable pumps, Texmo and Aquatex.

Founded in the year 1956 by Mr. R. Ramaswamy, who was known for his customer centric and quality conscious approach, Aqua Group has gained over 60 years of experience and hosts a wide range of water pumps for the agricultural, commercial and domestic sectors.

Aqua Group’s business model is unique. We have a strong network of over 1100 exclusive dealers, supported by 21 Aqua branch offices, spread across the country. The success of our organisation depends on the service and commitment of these brand ambassadors.

Our export brand ATX which has impressed buyers across the world is supported by an exclusive factory for stainless steel pumps ensuring the utmost quality for these top of the line products. In recent years we have partnered with a reputed distributor in the Middle East. We also export to markets like Japan, France, and North Africa, to name a few.

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