The Cradle of Excellence

The Aqua Group state of the art facility is located in Coimbatore, the heart of industrial south India. Our ultra modern plant, with over 6 lakh square feet of factory floor space, is one of the largest and most sophisticated in Asia.

To improve quality, reduce cost, and speed up delivery time, Aqua Group has implemented the Japanese concept of Total Productive Maintenance, or TPM. We were the first and currently the only Indian pump company to be awarded the Consistency in Excellence award for TPM (2015). We are also ISO certified for quality management systems, safety, and environment.

Aqua Group has a zero carbon footprint. Our captive wind farms with a total capacity of 20MW, power all the Aqua Group factories reinforcing our commitment to the environment.

Cutting edge design

The first step to a remarkable pump is design. We use advanced CADCAM technology to create, develop and introduce new models. Our 3D printer enables us to rapidly develop prototypes of highly efficient pumps, speeding up their delivery to the market. In fact Aqua Group was the winner of the TOP RANK AWARD (2016) from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, for selling the highest number of STAR RATED pump sets for 4 consecutive years

Quality Control

Our team is technically brilliant, up to date with international standards and practices. Every pump undergoes hydraulic and electric testing eliminating any chance of a defect, ensuring that when you buy an Aqua Group product you buy the best.

Forging Durability

What makes a product great are the elements that go into it. Our world class automated foundry units produce 2400 tons per month of grey iron, non ferrous, and stainless steel castings which forge our products. We also export components to reputed global corporations. Electric melting using induction furnaces and tight process control assures defect free castings. Before the molten metal is cast we ensure that it is perfect. Our sensitive spectrometer analyses the molten metal for its chemical composition ensuring the correct chemistry. Quality is not a matter of chance but of Spectro perfection.

Machining Excellence

Our special purpose EDM wire cutting machine helps achieve complex profiles in tool making. Hi-tech CNC Machines allow part finishing to be precise and consistently accurate. CNC machines give us the advantage of virtually eliminating defects, besides increasing safety levels ensuring that caring and efficiency go together.

In-house motor laminations and winding wire

Most Indian pump manufacturers outsource crucial motor parts risking quality, but with Aqua Group you expect more. Aqua Group stands apart from the competition by having an in house unit to fabricate motor Laminations and a unit dedicated to producing copper winding wire. This enhances the quality and efficiency of our motors. Equipped with high speed presses, heat treatment, and wire drawing facilities, these factory units meet the highest standards. When it comes to quality we take no chances.

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