Aquatex CDT Pumps: Dewatering Divyasree Technopolis to Safety

Divyasree Technopolis, located in Yemalur, Bengaluru, serves as a thriving tech park and residential enclave for IT professionals and their families. Notably, Divyasree 77 and Epsilon are upscale residential communities within this vibrant Hub. Divyasree 77 sets a new standard for luxury living with its spacious apartments, world-class amenities, and designed landscapes that create an elite living environment.

Challenges Faced

In September 2022, Divyasree Technopolis was inundated by heavy rains, resulting in widespread flooding that caused considerable damage. The deluge prompted the evacuation of residents from multiple flats within Divyasree 77, highlighting the immediate threat to safety and infrastructure. Additionally, the flooding led to extensive damage to numerous cars and properties, making the situation worse for the community. The site’s three-layer sub-basement being completely submerged posed a critical challenge, necessitating urgent measures to address the safety and structural integrity concerns.

Solution Provided

Upon receiving the distress call, our trusted dealer, AQUA MOTOR Agencies, promptly responded by mobilizing to the site. Equipped with detailed photographs and layout information, our experienced engineers assessed the situation and recommended the deployment of submersible dewatering pumps. Leveraging our expertise in such scenarios, we provided two robust CDT6150 pumpsets (20HP each) and one reliable CDT675 pump (10HP) on a rental basis. This solution ensured both efficiency in dewatering operations and affordability for the client, showcasing our commitment to delivering effective and cost-effective solutions in times of need.

Result Achieved

With the solution provided, we ensured efficient evacuation of floodwater.

  • Continuous Operation: Our submersible dewatering pumps operated tirelessly for three consecutive days, efficiently evacuating floodwater from the basement without interruptions.

  • Reliability and Performance: Despite challenging conditions, our pumps remained steadfast and outperformed competitor solutions, ensuring uninterrupted water extraction while traditional monoblock pumpsets faltered.

  • Infrastructure Protection: Our innovative approach safeguarded infrastructure integrity, restoring normalcy to the Divyasree community by effectively managing the flood crisis.

  • Appreciation:The Divyasree community expressed profound appreciation for our pumps’ performance, recognizing their reliability and effectiveness in mitigating the flood crisis.

  • Affordability and Flexibility :Our flexible rental arrangement was lauded for its affordability, enhancing client satisfaction and trust in our services while providing cost-effective solutions during emergencies.


The successful resolution of the flood crisis at Divyasree Technopolis underscores our commitment to providing timely, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to our clients. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and proactive response measures, we not only addressed the immediate challenges but also strengthened our relationship with the Divyasree community, reaffirming our position as a trusted partner in disaster management and infrastructure support.