How We Rescued Coimbatore City in Just 30 Minutes from Flood Chaos

The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation, the governing body of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, oversees the welfare of its residents. As the second-largest municipal corporation in the state, it faces unique challenges, particularly during periods of heavy rainfall.

Challenges Faced

In November 2022, Coimbatore experienced torrential rains, leading to widespread flooding, with Lanka corner, a pivotal transportation hub, being severely affected. The inundation paralyzed traffic, causing inconvenience and delays for commuters.

Solution Provided

Amidst the crisis, we responded promptly to the city administration’s call for assistance. Our engineers conducted a thorough assessment of the flooded area and proposed the use of our CDT675, a robust 10HP dewatering pump known for its reliability in handling large particles without jamming.

Result Achieved

After deploying our solutions, the immediate impact was felt, leading to swift recovery and widespread recognition

  • Operational Efficiency: Our pumps worked tirelessly for 1-2 hours, efficiently transferring inundated water to nearby drainage systems.

  • Rapid Recovery: Within 30 minutes after dewatering, normal transportation

  • Stakeholder Appreciation: Praise and gratitude were received from key stakeholders including the city commissioner, district collector, and city mayor.

  • Media Recognition:Local media highlighted our pumps’ efficacy, with state ministers commending our efforts in mitigating the flood impact.


Our collaboration with the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation exemplifies our commitment to social responsibility and community welfare. By providing timely assistance and deploying cutting-edge technology, we helped alleviate the distress caused by flooding, underscoring the importance of
proactive disaster management strategies in safeguarding urban centers.