Rescues Vellore Fort from Floods in No Time

The Archaeological Department administers the iconic Vellore Fort, an esteemed cultural heritage site steeped in history. This impressive granite fort, covering 133 acres, was built in the 16th century. Today, it is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. However, the fort administration grappled with significant water management challenges, particularly during the rainy season, which posed a threat to its structural integrity and precious artifacts. The fort’s historical significance, coupled with its architectural grandeur, draws visitors and scholars alike to explore its rich past and preservation efforts amidst modern challenges.

Challenges Faced

To address the rising water levels in the moat surrounding the fort, a surface monoblock pumpset was initially installed. However, during the rainy season of 2021, the pumpset’s performance proved inadequate. The combination of heavy rainfall and a sudden surge in water levels resulted in flooding, posing a significant threat to the fort’s temple and surrounding areas. Additionally, the pumpset faced frequent malfunctions due to blockages caused by foreign particles, further worsening the situation and highlighting the urgent need for a more effective water management solution.

Solution Provided

Upon receiving urgent requests from the Vellore Fort administration, our dedicated dealer promptly visited the site to conduct a thorough assessment. Equipped with critical insights, our engineering team in Chennai recommended the CDT475 pumpset, renowned for its robust performance and resilience. This solution was specifically tailored to address the challenges faced by the fort, ensuring effective water management and safeguarding its structural integrity and historical artifacts.

Result Achieved

The CDT475 (10 H.P.) pumpset ensured efficient handling of water levels, while instilling confidence in future challenges.

  • Enhanced Water Management : The new pumpset significantly improved Vellore Fort’s water management strategy by efficiently handling increased water levels and managing debris.

  • Mitigation of Flooding Risk : The pumpset adeptly mitigated the risk of flooding, especially around sensitive areas like the temple, ensuring the fort’s structural integrity and historical artifacts remained protected

  • Confidence in Future Challenges: This upgrade not only resolved immediate flooding issues but also instilled confidence in the fort’s ability to withstand future weather challenges, showcasing the reliability and resilience of the new water management system.


By swiftly acting upon the challenges, conducting thorough analysis, and implementation of cutting-edge technology, our collaboration with Vellore Fort stands as a testament to the transformative impact of innovative solutions in safeguarding cultural treasures. The effective resolution of water management issues highlights our dedication to preserving heritage sites and guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for all visitors.