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Vertical Multistage Inline Pumpsets (AV,AVI,AVN)

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Product Description

“AQUATEX” Vertical Multistage High Pressure Centrifugal In-line pumps (AV, AVI, AVS & AVN Series) are non self priming pumps of In-line Design. Flange or with victualic coupling with equally sized suction and discharge ports. Stage construction with Stainless Steel impellers, diffusers and outer tube, Pump shaft and Motor shaft are of lEC Standards. All wetted parts of pump are made of high grade corrosion resistant stainless steel.
These Pumps are driven by Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) high efficiency AC Induction motors.

Product Data

Power Range0.5 to 100.0 HP
Voltage Range
  • 340V- 440V, 50Hz,Three phase AC Power supply
  • 200V- 240V, 50Hz,Single phase AC Power supply (upt0 2.0 hp)
Speed2900 RPM
HeadMaximum 200 M (20 Bar)
DischargeMaximum 2500 LPM (150 m3/h)
Operating pressureMaximum 30 bar
Liquid Temperature-15˚C to +120˚C
Delivery sizesDN25 (1″) to DN125 (5″)


    Pressure Boosting in Residential Apartments, Commercial High rise Buildings, IT Parks, Hotels, Hospital and Colleges, Pressurized water supply in Process and Food Industry and for Fire Fighting and HVAC Systems.
    Pumping water in Reverse osmosis Systems, Water Softeners and ultra·filtration systems.
    Sprinkler Irrigation Systems for Golf Courses. Sports Stadiums and Agricultural fields.
    Boiler feeding and Industrial Washing I Cleaning Systems.


  • Catridge type Silicon Carbide Vs Silicon Carbide hard faces mechanical seal with high temperature resisting parts prevents leakages and can be easily fitted at the site without dismantling the entire pumpset
  • Carbide Vs SS bearings and PTFE wear rings for better alignment with reduced wear & friction
  • All wetted parts in the pump are made of corrosion resistant fabricated stainless steel 304 /316 grade
  • Non-wetted /wetted parts are cast stainless steel to protect the surfaces from corrosion and moisture – AVI/AVN series
  • Non-wetted /wetted parts are powder coated to protect the surfaces from corrosion and moisture – AV/AVS series
  • The stages are fastened with the help of SS tie bolts to prevent internal leakages
  • The Pump and Motor is connected with the split forged coupling
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) high efficiency AC Induction motors with Insulation Class IP55 and F -class Insulation

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